The Beginning: España

IMG_7546.JPGSo I’m going to Spain and I don’t even know Spanish. Needless to say, my trip will be very interesting. I couldn’t resist my roommates invitation to go study abroad with her, even if I couldn’t speak the native language. I get the incredible opportunity to do a five-week internship in Valencia, Spain. Valencia is right of the coast off the Mediterranean Sea….. now you know why I couldn’t resist. While my roommate (Heather) will be studying at the University of Valencia, I will be waking up every day and working as an intern at a mental health clinic in the city. This blog is a way for me to reflect, communicate, and process all that I will be experiencing, everything that I will be learning from the people, and all that God will be teaching me during my time in Spain.

I leave in less than two weeks and the anticipation is starting to wash away this far off, distant dream of Spain. My trip is almost here and it has me dreaming day and night about the beautiful city of Valencia. What are the people going to be like? Are they going to be nice? What if the language barrier is too difficult? What do I wear? What if I can’t connect well with others? What if I offend someone cause I don’t know the culture? This is only a small fraction of the questions that circulate within my brain all day long. I have to be honest, the majority of those questions are the questions that strike worry into my heart. These questions are a glimpse at some of my deep rooted fears. The fears that could potentially hold me back from an amazing opportunity like this. It is hard not to be held back by those fears because they are also logical realities. I don’t know the language, which could hinder my connection with others, which could potentially lead to me offending someone.

This is where I need to stop myself, immediately. If I allow myself to follow down the endless trail of the “what ifs”, I neglect the purpose of faith and trusting in Jesus. What is the point of faith if all those fears can be dissolved by you, someone, or something. As a believer, I am not promised a life of comfort. Having faith and actively trusting in God is what keeps your spiritual life fervent and growing. Trusting in God’s promises is the only thing that has given me the boldness to step out of my fears. God is the ultimate source of all my joy, courage, and peace. I know that the Lord will walk with me every step of the way. So every time I get to tell someone about my internship in Spain, I can’t help but come away feeling thankful. My gratitude overflows because of this opportunity God has given me. I hope this blog will be an outlet of encouragement to anyone who reads it. I pray that through this blog, all will be able to see the love and deep passion I have not only for people, but ultimately Jesus.


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